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If you enjoy collecting or restoring great mechanical gambling machines, this is the place.


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Antique Gambling and Slot Machines

We sell original, vintage slot machines. From rare early uprights to the well known 3 reel machines, we repair, restore, refinish, buy, sell and trade coin operated machines.

They all leave with the correct parts from our extensive original parts inventory, fully and correctly functioning and ready to be played. We ship nationally and internationally.

View vintage ads, as well as scans of original patents and photos in the Literature section.  We offer scans of literature from the largest literature collection in the country.  If you need information on a specifc machine please let us know.  You can find a variety of machines posted in the Gallery, from our collection and restorations which are not for sale.. 

 Restoration and Repair

Restoration of mechanical gambling devices and slot machines from all manufacturers. Cosmetic and mechanical restoration. Service on Watling, Jennings, Mills , Caille, Superior, and others.


Non-destructive cleaning of original finishes as well as cleaning and reworking of mechanical parts and mechanisms.


We do have an extensive inventory of original parts available. Send an email explaining what you need.

Try this number for parts, 410 336 1728.


Located in Maryland midway between Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC, we accept visitors by appointment. Machines in need of repair or restoration can be dropped off in person or shipped with our assistance through our discounted rates.

So enjoy looking around. The site is in the process of being expanded , with more addtions in the Literature section. 


All images and copy on this sight are copyright Timeless Treasures and not to be used without permisson.

Antique Slot Machines For Sale
Antique Slot Machines For Sales - (91 items)
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1941 Bally Quarter Reliance

1936 Superior Horse Race 5c with Stand

Pace Comet circa 1940 New Old Stock in Crate

1935 Watling Pinball

1965 Mills Novelty Company Golden Nugget

Pace Manufacturing Company Paces Races 5c Horse Race Machine

Jennings Nickel Play Chief

1938 Watling Blue Seal Confection Vendor

1934 Watling "Silent Salesman" Blue Seal Vendor

1936 Jennings 5 Cent Dutch Boy Dutch Girl

1939 Mills Conversion Front Vendor

Pace Comet Vendor Front

1933 Mills Pace Gooseneck Pace Conversion

1936 Watling Manufacturing Company Baby Bell Vendor

1956 Mills Novelty Company Quarter High Top Deuces Wild

Watling Mfg. Co Blue Seal with a side mint vendor

1946 Jennings Nevada Club Light Up Club Console

1948 Mills Novelty Company 10 Cent BONUS High Top

1922 Jennings Dutch Boy Mint Vendor

1938 Watling 5 cent Treasury

1928 Mills Novelty Company 5c FOK Vendor Gooseneck

1937 Pace Penny Bantam w Side Gumball Vendor

1933 Mills Rockola Gooseneck Rockola Conversion

1935 Watling Manufacturing Penny Blue Seal Gum Vendor

1935 Jennings New Century Nickel Play

1930 Caille Nickel Sphinx

1943 Mills Novelty Company Quarter Baker Conversion Castle Front

1935 Pace Nickel Bantam

1932 Mills Novelty Company Peacock Twin Mint Vendor

1906 Mills Novelty Company Musical Dewey

1952 Mills Novelty Company Authentic Quarter Golden Nugget

1937 Mills Novelty Company Baseball FOK

Call Manufacturing Company Ben Hur

1948 Mills Novelty Company 50 Cent Half Top

1947 Mills Novelty Company 50 Cent Half Top

1950 Mills Novelty Company 50 Cent Half Top

1946 Mills Novelty Company BONUS High Top Console Stand

1938 Jennings Dime Club Console

Brunswick Pool Table

1938 Jennings Nickel Club Console

1938 Jennings Quarter Club Console

1938 Pace Quarter Royal Comet

1936 Mills Novelty Company 5 cent Lion's Head

1946 Mills Novelty Company Quarter Golden Falls

1910 Mills Novelty Company Half Dollar Chicago upright

1933 Watling Manufacturing Company Baby Bell mint vendor Dime Play

Mills Novelty Company Golfer Conversion Half Top

1930 Mills Novelty Company Rock Ola conversion 5 cent

1929 Mills Novelty Company FOK Mint Vendor 5 cent

1940 Mills Extraordinary O'Shaughnessy 5 cent

1940 Mills Novelty Company Extraordinary O'Shaughnessy 25 cent

1935 Watling Manufacturing Company Baby Bell Penny gumboil vendor

1941 Mills Novelty Company Black Cherry Quarter

1905 Mills Novelty Company with A.Pick case Chicago Nickel Play upright

1961 Jennings Riviera Club Quarter Light Up

1915 Watling Nickel Forty Five

1914 Mills Novelty Company Two Bits Dewey

1944 Mills Novelty Company Page Boy model Extraordinary console

1927 Mills Novelty Company Baseball FOK

1953 Jennings Nevada Club Light Up

1939 Watling Manufacturing Penny Blue Seal Big Jackpot model

1938 Watling Manufacturing Nickel Treasury

1951 Mills Novelty Company Quarter Silver Castle

1943 Mills Novelty Company Nickel Horsehead Bonus

1950 Mills Circa 1950 Mills 25 cent Hightop in a Royal Bell carving restore

1955 Mills Original Golden Nugget circa 1955 , restored

1908 Caille Caille Select circa 1908 restored only one known

Watling Watling 25 cent Bird with fruit plates restored

Watling Watling 5 cent Cherry unrestored original

Watling Watling 5-25 nickel quarter restored with gold award

Owl Upright 5 cent color wheels for Mills , Caille and Watling

Judge Upright 5 cent color wheel for Mills , Caille and Watling

1950 Jennings Jennings 10 cent Sun Chief circa 1950, original unrestored

1950 Jennings 25 cent Jennings Sun Chief circa 1950 original unrestored

1940 Caille 25 cent Caille Nude circa 1940 restored

Mills 5 cent Mills Sky Scraper with side vendor restored

1940 Watling 5 cent Watling Bird circa 1940 unrestored original

Watling 5 cent Watling Coinfront circa 1937 unrestored original

1935 Jennings 5 cent Jennings Peacock circa 1935 unrestored original

Caille Rare Caille Cast Iron Center pull only one known with Soldier st

Jennings Dixie Bell

1950 Jennings 25 cent Jennings Prospector circa 1950 restored

Watling Manufacturing Company 10c Rol A Top Bird of Paradise

Mills Novelty Company Watermelon Bell High Top

Bally Reliance

Mills Novelty Company 25 Cent Brown Front Bursting Cherry

Mills Novelty Company Quarter Castle Front

1930 HC Evans Roulette Table

Half Dollar Mills Novelty Company Black Cherry

1876 Brunswick & Co. Non-Pariel 4'x8' Pool Table

New Saloon and Coin Op Book Available