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Great Old Literature

Here you'll find some scans of some original literature relating to slots and coin-op machines in general.  We offer scans of literature from the largest literature collection in the county.  If you need information on a specific machines please let us know.


The following brief descriptions each contain a link to a page or pages containing scans of the associated coin-op related paper. Because many of the scans are of full 8.5 x 11 pages the link may pop you out of the frames style pages and the navigation buttons on the left will disappear. Just use your BACK button when your finished with each page to come back to this page. Enjoy.....



WatlingLogo.jpg (9786 bytes) Front of the actual ribbon bound patent folder containing the original patent for the famous ROL-A-TOP nine coin rotary escalator.

WatlingLogo.jpg (9786 bytes) 1934 ad for Watling's line up of Gold Award machines. Fairly large scans so be patient and be sure to take a look at the prices on the bottom scan.

WatlingLogo.jpg (9786 bytes) 1939 color ad introducing the NEW DIAMOND BELL ROL-A-TOP. Click HERE to view a restored Cherry Front ROL-A-TOP like the one in the ad.

WatlingLogo.jpg (11316 bytes) 1948 double sided color ad flyer for the ROL-A-TOP.

WatlingLogo.jpg (9786 bytes) 1949 ad for the new "Castle Front" or "Checkerboard" ROL-A-TOP.

WatlingLogo.jpg (9786 bytes) Here's a photo of Mr. Tom Watling , founder of the Watling Scale Company.



1911 Ad for Caille's Roulette and Black Cat



Click Here for the Melon Bell ad.. Four page brochure for the Mills "Melon Bell" High Top variation.

MillsLogo.jpg (14191 bytes) Four page brochure for the Mills "High Top" BONUS.

MillsLogo.jpg (14191 bytes) Four page brochure for the Mills Golden Falls..

MillsLogo.jpg (14191 bytes) One page advertising leaflet for the "Future Play Vendor"

MillsLogo.jpg (14191 bytes) Great article with a picture of dozens of machines in the Mills "Bargain Center"



Click Here for the Jennings 'Century' ad Four large scans of an entire 8.5" x 11" ad brochure for the Jennings "Century" Tripl Jak.

Click Here for the Jennings 'Century' ad Small flyer for the "Silver Moon" chief and it's non-payout variation.



pacelogored.jpg (5918 bytes) Fantastic mailer for the Rare Pace's Races "Red Arrow"